Closet System with LED Light (Large Storage Space | 114″ W x 95″ H x 21″ D)


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Easy to assemble & clean

Discover the perfect blend of functionality and style with our innovative Closet System with LED Light from JY Furniture. Designed in a DIY style with a myriad of drilled holes, this modular closet organizer allows you to unleash your creativity, offering a customizable solution to meet your storage needs while introducing the warmth of LED illumination to your bedroom.


JY Furniture’s Closet System with LED Light empowers you to become the designer of your own storage space. The abundance of drilled holes facilitates the installation of drawers and shelves anywhere on the cabinet, allowing you to freely adjust the height according to your preferences. The incorporation of yellow LED lights not only creates a cozy ambiance but also provides convenient illumination for those late-night outfit selections.

Detailed size of closet


Tailored to suit any home space, our Closet System is available in four standard sizes: 114″ W x 95″ H x 21″ D. This versatility ensures effortless placement in any room, and combining different sizes allows you to craft a spacious and modern storage area. The white design enhances the natural display of your clothes, infusing a simple and modern atmosphere into your living space.


Expand your storage possibilities with our extensive accessories collection, available separately. From hanging rods and drawers to shelves and doors, these accessories offer a myriad of choices to help you create a personalized and efficient storage space. The Closet System provides ample room for your clothes, shoes, bags, and personal items, ensuring everything has its dedicated place.

Product detail


Assembling your Closet System is a straightforward process with easy-to-read instructions and marked sections. Crafted from Melamine, a waterproof and odorless material of German quality, the surface makes wardrobe maintenance a breeze. JY Furniture’s commitment to quality and sustainability is underscored by FSC certification, ensuring your closet meets the highest standards.

Closet System with LED Light


Your new Closet System is carefully packed in cartons and accompanied by a desiccant package, ensuring a secure and pristine delivery. The product is disassembled upon arrival, complete with comprehensive instructions and hardware for easy assembly. If any concerns arise, our responsive online customer service team is at your disposal, ready to address your worries within 24 hours.

In conclusion, the Closet System with LED Light from JY Furniture redefines storage solutions by combining DIY customization with modern illumination. Elevate your living space, infuse it with warmth, and enjoy the convenience of a personalized storage haven. Transform your room with JY Furniture’s Closet System with LED Light today.